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Spanish school Location : Condominio Hacienda del Cármen depto. A2, Calle 14 bis, Entre Avenida 15 y 20.

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Volunteer and work in Playa del Carmen while learning Spanish with us!.





1.- When will the courses start?

Every monday, except for absolute beginners who start some Mondays throughout the year.

2.- Do you offer credit to US students?

Yes, we offer credits for US students, please contact us prior to arrival to arrange credits, note credit is given for 4 weeks as minimum stay, students have 2 options:

a) Request our course syllabus and show it to their counselor, we can follow any course topics your counselor requests and also send transcripts.

b) Get credits though another American Institution, please contact us since this has an additional cost.

3.- Can I extend my stay at the school / residence?

Sure, the school can be extended at there, however, housing should be reserved again 2 weeks on advance to guarantee that the same option is available.

4.- What do students do on their first day?

We will wait for you at 9:45 am at the school office. Students will receive an information package and take a placement examination to determine the level of Spanish that corresponds if they didnt fill out the online exam before. During the high season or when groups are full, courses will take please both in the morning and some in the afternoon, normally courses will be from 10am-2pm and from 2,30pm-6,30pm ( standard courses).

5.- Is the price for courses including material?

Yes, all material is included in the price except for dictionaries / pens/ notebooks.

6.- What is the teaching method you use?

We emphasize both grammar and conversation. However, we try to emphasize more conversation as this is what most foreign students are looking for, we use interactive material and activities during conversation lessons to help students practice in an entertaining manner.

After 3-4 weeks of lessons, students take a Spanish test to pass on to the next level.

7.- Are all your teachers qualified?

Yes, all teachers have a degree in Spanish and experience in language teaching for 2+ years.

8.- What is the student mix of the school?

Most students come from the US and europe, the mix includes: US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Austria mostly.

9.- Why is the school a party and cultural center?

Because we offer activities for both types of clients, those in search of a cultural experience and those who are in search of fun and fiesta.

10.- Do I get any certificate after the course?

Yes, we print a certificate indicating you have completed a Spanish course in our school as well as indicating the level you achieved.

11.- What is the average age of students in your school?

In summers 23, otherwise 26 average.

12.- Are there group discounts?

Sure, check the discounts section for information.





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We represent a Spanish language school for foreigners in Mexico, offering different levels of spanish, from beginners to intermediates and advanced. The school also offers internship and volunteer opportunities and places students in different accommodation options from apartments to host families. http://www.cancunspanish.com covers USA, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Brasil and Austria. Study spanish in Mexicofrom the best language school. Learn by the beach and have fun while studying Spanish from expert and experienced teachers. You can do your internships in Mexico and Playa del Carmen. Accomodation suiting your various requirements are available. You can indulge in different activities like surfing, parties, dance, cultural trips, excursions etc along with your course. Mexico offers a wide range of activities for foreigners.