Spanish Language School in Playa del Carmen Mexico
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Spanish Language School In Mexico and Playa Del

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About the School

Our school is run by Mexicans who have years of experience in language schools. All our Spanish teachers have a degree in Spanish languages and have been teaching for more than ten years.... satisfaction is guaranteed. We are a different typeof school in many senses.

  • Learn Spanish in Playa del Carmen
  • In a relaxed atmosphere
  • Meet people
  • While you study
  • All ages
  • All nationalities
  • Are welcome to our school
  • Discover Playa del Carmen
  • And cook!
  • We also offer activities!
  • Open all year!
Learn Spanish in Playa del Carmen1 In a relaxed atmosphere2 Meet people3 While you study4 All ages5 All nationalities6 Are welcome to our school7 Discover Playa del Carmen8 And cook!9 We also offer activities!10 Open all year! www.cancunspanish.com11
Why choose us?

We are not a traditional Spanish School in the sense that we dont have classes in classrooms all the time. Our Spanish lessons are held in different locations throughout Playa del Carmen. Some of our clients already have lessons in a traditional classroom at home or can have that in their home country, so why come all the way here? We offer an immersion experience that goes beyond that.

Our methodology is different and this is why we are such a popular school. Several studies show that students are able to retain information in a more efficient way through interactions in real life, when compared to learning by repetition and memorizing. This is because images and situations are better recorded in our brains.

- Our school not only offers serious teaching but a different approach. We found in the past some students who were used to classroom teaching only, tend to write better than they speak.

- Because we are a 100% Mexican owned and 100% Mexican staff (including directors) in Playa del Carmen. Others schools are foreign owned and run from abroad, some even are part of a chain from foreign countries, with teachers who wont teach you Mexican Spanish. For this reason we have very competitive prices and a passion for teaching.

- We are not part of a foreign chain of schools. Some schools are part of a big chain and follow the same programme in each counry where they have schools, even using the same books. But Spanish is very different in each region, also our school focuses on the cultural componen, something you wont get in chain schools.

- Our meeting point is located one minute walking from the beach

- Quality brand from one of the top chains of Spanish Schools in Mexico. We welcome students from all nationalities and all ages.

- Groups are small and classes are personalized to guarantee an adequate student and teacher relationship. Our Spanish Language center in Mexico and Playa del Carmen is proud to be recognized as one of the top Spanish centers in Mexico and the satisfaction rate is higher than in most language schools.

- Our school is small and offers a very personalized attention to our clients. We do follow European reference guides which means we have 2 courses for beginners, 2 for intermediate and 2 for advanced. We do follow a curriculum but we are flexible, which means if the group want to focus in a topic we will do that.

A typical example of a weekly course with us for the standard class, from 10am-2pm Monday to Friday would be:

  • Monday:

    students arrive at the meeting point and register. We have grammar and conversation class in a local place.

  • Tuesday:

    we will have class at Playacars archeological site in Playa del Carmen. Students will learn about the Mayan culture while being introduced to different concepts of grammar and vocabulary. They will also learn some Mayan legens and folklore.

  • Wednesday:

    we will have grammar and conversation class at the meeting point.

  • Thursday:

    We are meeting at a supermarket , students will be provided with an activity, for example, to fill a shopping cart with different items they have learned from the class. The teacher will check the items and afterwards these will be used to cook traditional recipes. Grammar review.

  • Friday:

    Today we are having class in an art Gallery, where we will learn grammar using art as an example. Afterwards, we will have conversation class with local artists.

Our students enjoy their time!

Among the services provided are:

  • Discover Playa del Carmen in a fun way
  • Free internet access in our spots
  • Total immersion experience
  • Certificate of course completition
  • 6 different levels
Common Areas

The Spanish Language School offers a completely different approach when compared to other language schools. We dont have a set building but class is held in different locations allowing students to experience the city and the Mayan culture.

We also offer Bildungsurlab to our German clients, now you can take 2 weeks of intensive or super intensive courses financed by your govt. or employee with paid salary!


Meeting point: Avenida constituyentes and 5a Avenida. Every Monday.

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