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Learn Spanish in Mexico - Discount for groups of students: 6 students ( 5 pay and one is free)

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Spanish school Location : Avenida Constituyentes y 5a Avenida. .

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Learn Spanish in Mexico and Playa del Carmen and discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Spanish courses are offered to satisfy all types of necessities. Prices are always lower than competition




Promotions and discounts


Promotion 1

- Group of 6 students: 5 students pay and one is free ( for the same number of weeks period)

- 5% off for courses of 5 weeks or more

- 5% for early booking if you book 4 weeks or more before the starting date!

Promotion 2

Are you a family? Then if its 4 members or more and all study in the same group, children get 50% off if under 16!

* Only if course is paid in full






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