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Spanish school Location : Condominio Hacienda del Cármen depto. A2, Calle 14 bis, Entre Avenida 15 y 20.

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Learn Spanish in Mexico and Playa del Carmen

Discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Our Spanish Language School in Mexico is one of the most recognized language centers in Mexico.



Volunteer and


Internships in


Mexico, Rivera




Students can apply for volunteer and internship experiences while learning in Mexico and Playa del Carmen.

Volunteer in an extraordinary opportunity for those students who are interested in helping poor community developments and people who are in need of others. Volunteer experiences include:

1.- Experience with the disabled

2.- Help in developing poor communities

3.- English lessons

4.- Elderly

5.- Victims of natural disasters

6.- Urban development assistance

7.- Turtle/ animal conservation


Working in Playa del Carmen is a great way to practice your Spanish. Employment opportunities however, might not be paid and will require the expedition of a special Visa in some cases ( usually for staying more than 3 months).

Internships in the Mayan Rivera include:

1.- English teacher

2.- Psychologist or human resource assistant in the internship options

3.- Tour operator

4.- Accounting

5.- Tourist guide

6.- Translator

*** Please contact us for other request


For school students, placement is free. A minimum of 3 weeks is required for students to apply, unfortunately, non students can apply for a cost of 3 weeks of courses.


Some internships require more fluency than others, please contact us for details. Also, please note that for more than 3 months of work in Mexico, you will need to process a special Visa.





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